Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Roger David: Their 'political statements' are complete crap

Roger David were one of the first retailers to  objectify and gag women on men's t-shirts. Julie Gale of Kids Free 2 B Kids, as well as Melinda Tankard Reist, are quoted in this article about their t-shirts, from January 2010. There is also a Collective Shout post from August 2010 found here.

This one (above) to me looks a lot like sex trafficking.

Has Roger David heard of 'sexting', and the problem it has become for young people?

This last image was an ad for Roger David's 'New Love Club' line. The Advertising Standards Board banned it, and you can read about it at Mumbrella. Apparently the gagged, underage looking girl (with a barcode, of course) represents a political message about national debt etc. Funny how it just looks like a gagged, underage girl with a barcode. And the fact that Roger David seems to like using sex trafficking themes for fashion.

Roger David can be contacted on their website, via an online form. However, don't expect the courtesy of a response- I myself have written a few times and never received one.

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