Sunday, 9 October 2011

Nena and Pasadena 2

Nena and Pasadena have already featured on this blog, along with links to radio interviews and articles about their sexist t-shirts. 

If you were hoping that they had learned how to design mens clothing without using women's bodies, I am sorry to disappoint you. They continue to objectify and dismember women's naked bodies on their t-shirts to be worn by men.

I have included here clothing from Kiss Chacey and Sushi Radio also, as they all seem to be designed by the same people. 

You can contact them by:

Phone  0412 217 388

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Krank Clothing 2

Krank has made it to the Porn Tees blog of shame before, see here. As they are still selling and promoting porn themed clothing, from brands such as Hustler, 187 and Dyse One, they get another post.

Hustler brand baby attire

I am seeing a lot of porn tees with slogans using themes of 'clean' or 'dirty' to describe women's sexuality.

Email Blacktown Westpoint Shopping Centre's customer service and ask them why they are supporting the sale of pornographic clothing in a family shopping centre (or in a store that sells children's and babies clothing?)

We sent a letter to Centre Management a couple of months ago with a copy of the Open Letter to Retailers, found here. We have received no response.