Friday, 19 August 2011

Nena and Pasadena

Nena and Pasadena! Where to start! 

Nena and Pasadena is a Melbourne based brand, another by the designers behind KissChacey and Sushi Radio. AFL Hawthorn footy player Lance "Buddy" Franklin is the face of this brand, as well as being involved in the designs. 
Collective Shout blogged about them here, and then about the AFL's Respect and Responsibility policy that N&P appeared to be violating here.

Melinda Tankard Reist wrote about them on ABC.

Madison Mag wrote about their 'degrading' t-shirts also.

You can listen online to radio interviews about them from Melinda Tankard Reist, and from myself.

I specifically referenced this shirt in my complaint against City Beach to the Human Rights Commission. 

This picture was used on a billboard in my local town, outside Echo clothing store.  The ASB investigated complaints and after Echo modified the billboard by placing a 'CENSORED' sticker over it, they dismissed the complaint. Read the ASB's report.
The text reads "I am only what you perceive me to be".

This was displayed in the front window of Echo clothing store, where passers-by could see it.

Nena and Pasadena have had two t-shirts banned- one for advertising smoking, and another for allegedly using a photographer's work without permission. The fact that many of their shirts have soft porn images of women or sexualised violence hasn't come up, it seems.

N& P's responses have been pretty pathetic (but hey, they did respond!)

Thanks for your comments and views  but we feel we know what young people want to wear so we choose to continue our design concepts in full. I have three teenage boys of my own and have discussed your email with them, they were humored by your thoughts and added that the 6 o’clock news contained far more adult contact than a tshirt!!  If you feel that we degrade women or promote violence against women please further your emails to the editor of the herald sun.
We have never yet had a complaint regarding women on our Tshirts except for yours.This clearly puts you I’n the minority and reinforces my views that we are not doing anything wrong or inappropriate. As i wrote before- if you are unhappy complain to a newspaper or someone that wants to tolerate your minority views on censorship.
Tim Arandt 0412217388

And here: 

"I am the Head Designer of NENA & PASADENA & I'll make this very quick and easy to understand! - FASHION IS FOREVER CHANGING! - All designs in question were designed over a year ago! - They have been delivered and sold already! ALL your comments and attempts to slander my designs and our brands will only increase the sa...les!! I wish it wasn't so, but Unfortunately that's how it works. I pride myself in designing t-shirts which appeal to my customers.. Please feel free to message me with all your concerns. But know your not helping your own cause by posting on this page. Kind Regards
Paul Edwards Tim Arandt Ryan Griggs"

And the less eloquent "F*ck off, I've had enough of your feminist bullsh*t" from Paul Edwards, published on their public facebook page. 

Or their response to a survivor of domestic violence:

They are a classy bunch, aren't they.

Contact them on 0412217388, or on their online feedback form on their website or on their facebook page.

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