Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hustler brand (Killer Instinct clothing)

There are many stores around the country that sell Killer Instinct clothing (which includes Hustler brand, 187 brand and a few others). See the stockists and their contact details here. Some of the stockists are actually adult shops, if that proves the point that they contain adult content any more! 

Hustler brand (the same brand as the magazine) produces very graphic t-shirts, frequently with women being gagged, with black tape over their nipples, or a bar through their eyes- because we wouldn't want to see the woman's eyes and remember she is actually a person, would we?

I have only posted photos of t-shirts that I myself have seen for sale in clothing stores. There are many other more graphic ones that are likely being sold around the nation- but the following are what I have seen in clothing stores.

"Trust no bitch"

This is not Hustler brand, this one is SKIN brand, seen in Krazy Tees, with the others.

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